Have you memrise-d today?

Since I’ve started on my plan B, I’ve been googling for TOPIK vocabulary lists for the beginner level. While searching, I struck gold.


I found memrise. What is memrise?

Taken from the website:

The science
We’re obsessed with using brain science to help you learn faster. This isn’t a marketing ploy- we’re really experts in this stuff.  And from day one we’ve built Memrise to embody the very best knowledge about how your brain works,  and so help you learn as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

The fun
So we’ve turned learning facts and language into a game where you grow a colourful garden of memory. You grow and water your memories in a garden of memory, you zoom up the leaderboards, and you learn alongside your mempals. It’s like a guiltless video-game.

Basically, it helps when you need to memorise anything in a fun way. Definitely more fun than anki flashcards.

I’m currently learning from TOPIK vocabulary beginner’s list and I’m kinda addicted to learning. Each word begins as a seed (new word) and as you learn, the seed sprouts (short term memory). After a few exercises, it blooms and it can be harvested and placed in the garden (long term memory).

I feel a sense of achievement when I get to harvest my “plants”. And the words I’ve learnt really sticks in my mind.

Try it out! The site has many user created lists for Korean (suitable for beginner, intermediate and advance learners) and other languages too.


KLPT Words List – Body

As usual this is a working document. I’ll be adding on more words as I’m learning.

머리        head
눈 eye
다리        leg
코 nose
얼굴 face
위 stomach / up