Twitter word study (PSH)

Today I was just looking through twitter and Park Shin Hye’s short twitter message caught my eye. Tried reading it and I think I caught 70% of what she wanted to express! Boing boing boing! Happy!

The message is 2 days old.
” 날씨가… 정말 추워요… 다들감기 조심하세요!! ”

So here’s the breakdown of the words used:

날씨 means weather (가 – subject)
정말 means really… Interchangeable with 진짜
추워요 means cold… Base vocab word (춥다)
다 means all… 다들 refers to everyone
감기 means cold, influenza. I actually learnt this in my previous twitter word study
조심 means be careful, beware
하 means to do, to have… Base vocab word (하다)
세요 added behind the vocab word means please. In this case, 하세요 means please do.

Now let’s piece it together.

(subject: weather) It’s really cold… Everyone please do beware of influenza. [in my words with the essence intact: Everyone please take care, do not catch a cold.]

Those in my own words are open to correction.


Twitter word study (랑)

Another twitter word study post! This is from Park Shin Hye (@ssinz)

마미랑 파파랑 쭌이랑 온센.
[mami-rang papa-rang jjuni-rang onsen]

랑 means “and”.

Translation: Mummy and papa and jjuni? and onsen.

Could 쭌이 be a name?

Posting it on a leap day!

Twitter word study (감기 & 콜록)

Recently I came across a message in twitter and since it was a short message, I tried to decode it.

감기… 콜록콜록.

감기 (gam-gi):
Cold, flu, influenza

콜록콜록 (kol-rok-kol-rok):
(sound) cough cough

Translation: Flu… Cough cough.

What I found interesting was the use of sounds in the Korean language to describe the situation. To the person who posted the message, get well soon.

Twitter word study (만나다)

Currently I’m trying to pick up Korean from tweets posted by my favourite stars. In the tweets, the words 만나요 appeared quite frequently. So here goes… My personal interpretation of the sentences after referring to the naver dictionary.

만나요 (root word – 만나다)
man-na-yo (man-na-da)

It means: to meet, see, come across

Tweet sentences
조금 있다 만나요.
조금 (jo-geum):
1. some, a little, a few, a bit
‪2.‬ a little (bit), a bit, a (short/little) while, (for) a moment[minute, second]
‪3.‬ not at all, not a bit not in the least

있다 (it-da):
1. be located (in/at), be situated
2. have, be equipped
3. be, exist, be found

Translation: See you (at the location) in a little while.

Is it possible to just write – 조금 만나요. Does it meaning change drastically?

내일 만나요.
내일: tomorrow
Translation: See you tomorrow.

That’s all folks for today’s word study. Please correct my translation if it is wrong and if the tweet sentences are not grammatically or structurally correct. If you know of any other commonly used/useful sentences using 만나요, please leave a comment with the sentence.