Always Wanted to Learn Korean in Korea?

Truthfully I don’t expect myself posting anything about Korean in this blog until I finish my part time studies. However, Korean seems to be my current procrastination activity of choice. If you have always wanted to study in Korea, like me, this post is for you!

If I did not take up my studies, I would have taken up the 3 weeks intensive Korean programme in SNU or Ehwa. Since I am unable to and had to even ditch my TOPIK exams, I’m pretty disappointed that my official learning journey ended this way. I’m still trying to learn through immersion by watching dramas, variety shows and listening to music.

Recently I found about about The Cyber University of Korea or CUK in short. They provide structured lessons that I find is similar to normal classes of I were to take them. The best part of it, it’s free.


If I complete the 4 levels, it should equip me for TOPIK 3. As you would imagine, I am excited at this find. I’m addition, I believe that this course is just as good as a course taken in a university, less the vis-a-vis element, because of the course creators.

What made me like this more than other online Korean university classes is the structured learning that is matched to TOPIK, the video lessons, pdf files of the lesson and online test for me to know my standard.

If you are interested to pick up Korean at your own pace, yet follow a syllabus that will be similar to any Korean university, check out Quick Korean now. It’s free and can be accessed even via mobile.

A journey ends & a new beginning

Sigh, my friends have received their results for topik. I decided to skip the topik exam 2 days before the paper because my master’s assignment came in. That was the only day available for me to conduct an observation before I fly off for my volunteer work trip.

Well, that being said, I have officially ended my Korean studies to focus on my master’s. I wish I could have ended it on a high by passing my topik. But well, life throws lemons at times.

Will I still update my blog? Yes, I do have some posts about Korea that I hope to write about.

Till the next post, cheerio!

My TOPIK resources

As I set my resolution on taking the TOPIK beginner in October next year, I started to look for resources online. I’m glad to announce that there’s so much materials online!Β  Here are some resources that I’ve found so far (this list is far from exhaustive and I’ll continue to add on whenever I find something noteworthy)

1) TopikGuide website
This website has tons of past papers for all levels. In addition, information, tips and guide for the exam. If I can say, one of the best sites I have found concerning topik.

2) Quizlet
This site and memrise is quite similar. It is a flash card site with ready Korean language sets of flash cards for you to learn from. They have quizzes that you can take to test yourself. Great free resource.

3) Memrise
This is my personal favorite when it comes to flash cards type of sites. Similar to quizlet, they have many ready made modules which you can join. The cool thing is, what you learn starts out as a seed and grows into a plant as you learn and revise. It reminds me of Harvest Moon and I like it. If you don’t study or revise, it withers. They have some science about the number of days needed before you can remember a certain word. Pretty cool! Do check this out.

4) TOPIK one app (Android)
This is a pretty nifty app I found. This app has 2 samples for each topik level. I like the immediate feedback if I got the answers right our wrong. The best part about it, it has a dictionary in the app! While doing the mock test, if you do not know the word, no sweat! Just click on the word and the dictionary will show you the meaning of it, English of course. If you like the app, you could purchase the paid app with much more test papers for you to attempt.

Here’s a sample for you.

Please comment if you find the resources useful or if you have other good resources to share! Thanks!

J is picking up Korean again!

“Big Bang, Big Bang, is back again one more time, say no way, no way…”

Haha sorry if you are confused by that. That song just rang in me when I was typing about my Korean comeback! Yes, J is back (almost)! I am finally picking up Korean again, formally. Next week I start lessons again, not at nex but another language school. This time I have a friend studying together with me! (Motivated)

I flunk the placement test of the language school but decided to advance and not back track. Taking the test after studying for 1 hour and considering my Korean haitus for 1.5 years. I thought the score was still relatively ok (48/100). I totally died at the 30? (Or 20?) marks essay section.

The μ„ μƒλ‹˜ advised that I should study the particles. Other than that, my present and past tenses were still some what intact. Vocab was quite a hit and miss. Oh well, target for topik next year! Hope I can finally hit it.

TOPIK 2013 Singapore

I’ve extracted the TOPIK information from SKIS website. My goal is to take the TOPIK beginner and achieve level 2.

TOPIK in Singapore is held every April and October. TOPIK registration usually opens 2 months before the test date.

2013 exam dates
21st April 2013 (Sunday)
09:00 – 17:30

20th October 2013 (Sunday)
09:00 – 17:30

Singapore Korean International School is the official institution for TOPIK in Singapore. Click on link above to find out more.

I read my blog and realised I’ve not progressed much. This is quite disappointing and I’m not sure if I can even take TOPIK in October. My TTMIK level moved from Level 2 lesson 16 (when I started the blog, with zeal and not being able to remember much) to level 2 lesson 18 now. I must say the only thing I’m quite satisfied with is to be able to read Korean now (snail speed).

How can I catch up if I want to take TOPIK? What should I do? These are 2 questions on my mind. April’s exam date is out for sure. 😦