My TOPIK resources

As I set my resolution on taking the TOPIK beginner in October next year, I started to look for resources online. I’m glad to announce that there’s so much materials online!  Here are some resources that I’ve found so far (this list is far from exhaustive and I’ll continue to add on whenever I find something noteworthy)

1) TopikGuide website
This website has tons of past papers for all levels. In addition, information, tips and guide for the exam. If I can say, one of the best sites I have found concerning topik.

2) Quizlet
This site and memrise is quite similar. It is a flash card site with ready Korean language sets of flash cards for you to learn from. They have quizzes that you can take to test yourself. Great free resource.

3) Memrise
This is my personal favorite when it comes to flash cards type of sites. Similar to quizlet, they have many ready made modules which you can join. The cool thing is, what you learn starts out as a seed and grows into a plant as you learn and revise. It reminds me of Harvest Moon and I like it. If you don’t study or revise, it withers. They have some science about the number of days needed before you can remember a certain word. Pretty cool! Do check this out.

4) TOPIK one app (Android)
This is a pretty nifty app I found. This app has 2 samples for each topik level. I like the immediate feedback if I got the answers right our wrong. The best part about it, it has a dictionary in the app! While doing the mock test, if you do not know the word, no sweat! Just click on the word and the dictionary will show you the meaning of it, English of course. If you like the app, you could purchase the paid app with much more test papers for you to attempt.

Here’s a sample for you.

Please comment if you find the resources useful or if you have other good resources to share! Thanks!

Korean Typing Game – New find!

Today I found another Korean typing game that you can use to learn hangul typing. I had to type something at work in Hangul and it took me a really long time. Ahem… Did not practise typing for quite awhile. This game that I found is slightly more adult in a way. No cutesy graphics. But at the same.time, easier to load.

Do try out Hangul Type Attack if you need something simple minus the bling bling. Your browser needs to be able to support HTML 5.

TTMIK book 2 has arrived!

I’m excited to see book 2. It is thicker than book 1. While flipping through, I saw more vocabulary being introduced (great!) and a recipe for kimchi fried rice!

The book talked about T-money which I’m trying to find out more information about it. A very good read for people who plan to visit Korea.

TTMIK Book 1 Review

I’m excited by the thought of writing the book review. TTMIK is truly the first place I went to to learn Korean. My first official teacher.

I’m glad the book is not big and bulky and I’ve been carrying it wherever I go. The audio files are loaded in my phone and I can listen to them as I study the book whenever and wherever! Woot!

The book consists of 25 chapters which matches the level 1 podcast exactly. Most of the dialogues are similar to the mini dialogues in harukorean (great! I don’t have to subscribe just to listen to it now!). The cartoons in the book are smashing. Funny yet simple.
At the end of each chapter there are some exercises to do which are quite similar to the online workbook.

On top of that, there are a few blog like articles that introduces and gives a little background to Korea’s culture/places/daily living. These nuggets are informative and enjoyable to read. Unlike other books worn just as big romanisations font size. The font is smaller and of a different colour. Very thoughtful and it makes it easy to just skip it as it’s smaller. Great idea!

But there is 1 issue I have with the book. There is no vocabulary section. This is lacking and if TTMIK wants to sell the book as a complete study guide. Vocabulary must be included to make it complete. Maybe 10-15 new vocab words that could be used for the chapter while forming sentences? It’s pardonable if it’s a podcast but I think for a book… Definite must have. Especially when there are already all the other good components in it. It feels like a 100 piece puzzle with 1 missing piece in the middle.

There are some minor mistakes in spelling but it’s negligible.

Overall, if you are looking for a hardcopy version of the podcast by all means get it. You will love it. However, I’m rather half-hearted at recommending the purchase as an all in guide but I’ll get it personally to support the team. Reason being, the lack of vocabulary which is integral to language learning.

Btw, I pre-ordered the second book and a TTMIK fan. Just giving a frank opinion of it. Please don’t get offended if you are a TTMIK die hard.

TTMIK book 1 has arrived!


My TTMIK book 1 has finally arrived! 28 days after I ordered the book. It took 14 days to ship from Korea to Singapore.

It arrived in a nicely padded envelope. The book is thinner than I expected though. What I really love about the book is…


The signatures by the TTMIK teachers! Although I wish I could identify some of their signatures. Appreciate Seokjin 선생님 for writing his English name.

The paper seems to be slightly matt but at the same time a little glossy. I hope it would be good to write on.

At first glance, the book seems very similar to the pdf and workbook. The sample conversations seems quite similar to the harukorean mini dialogues. While flipping through (really quickly), I spotted some notes about Korea. Yay!

So far, I’m quite happy with it as I’m a bookworm although the pdf might be sufficient. But hey, I’m a sucker for books esp when it’s a well packaged all in 1 book.