Hook, Line and Sinker for IU!

Phew,it has been awhile since I’ve written in my blog. 2017 was a really difficult year for me in all areas. However, I’m glad I survived it and made it with much difficulty into 2018. 

Due to the crazy amount of pressure and stress I was going through, I did something I’ve never done before I’m impulse. I travelled solo and attended a concert in Seoul! 

I’ve liked IU for quite a few years now but in 2017, she outdid herself. I paid close to $1k for my air ticket to fly to Seoul for her concert on 10 Dec. It was amazing!! If you have followed my posts, you’ll know I’m a Big Bang fan but I’ve never travelled to watch their concerts overseas. In fact, I think it’s quite fanatical to do so. Anyway, I did this time round to distress and think through some major decisions. With difficulty, I managed to get the concert tickets. 

It was surreal to touchdown and watch her concert on the same day. It’s the first time I’m watching her live and the concert was 5 hours long! Her voice is amazingly good and she was a genuine person. I loved the fact that she was comfortable enough with fans to wear her going home clothes to perform her en-encore. I had 1 song in mind that I hoped she would perform and she did! Thanks to Mr Drummer for suggesting it to her! 

After going for many concerts, I dare say that this is the best I’ve been to. I’m definitely planning to go for 1 or 2 of IU’s concerts this year if time and money permits! Now I know why her concert tickets get sold out in a flash. My spirits were truly uplifted after the concert.

Here’s a photo I took and a link to the en-encore for your enjoyment.

I hope your 2017 has been better than mine and Happy New Year!

Video of the month: Smile Again by WINNER

Recently, I can just listen to this song over and over and over again. WINNER is the 2nd boyband that YG produced. They had to go through an arduous survival debut show to be crowned as the winner. Of course their group name is WINNER, simply because they won. They have not debuted but they are currently touring with their hyungs Big Bang. I really love the songs that they have written but Smile Again really captures my heart, especially when I was following the survival show W.I.N. (Who is next) closely. They were team A and lost the battles to their younger counterparts Team B before this song.

The leader is the charismatic Kang Seung Yoon who wrote this particular song with the 2 rappers. Take note, one of the rappers look like a combination of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang!

I’m such a sucker for groups who write their own songs. Ok I guess I should stop raving about them. Enjoy!

AWAD – be happy 행쇼 (colloquial slang)

I’m a recent 무한도전 (infinity challenge) convert. Seriously, I never thought anything could be better than running man. But this show proved me wrong. I watched 1 episode and I was hooked! As a running man addict fan, I would never miss the new episodes posted on Tuesdays. But this Tuesday, I watched 무한도전 and could not stop! I love the humour!!

For the infinity boss episode, Kwon leader (G-Dragon) from Big Bang introduced a new term to the 무한도전 team. That’s 행쇼 (heng sho). 행쇼 is a colloquial short form/slang that means ‘Be happy’.

That’s all for now… pssst… If you want to check out G-Dragon parading in some ridiculously designed underwear. Check out episode 297 and 298. Laughter guaranteed!

Snagged! Tickets for gdragon’s concert!

Yay! I managed to get cat 2 tickets for the concert on 29th June. Okay, actually 29th and 30th. My friend snagged the 30th concert tickets and shortly after another friend managed to get tickets for the 29th which is our preferred date.

Hence, we are going to sell our 4 tickets on the 30th. If you are interested in those 4 tickets, please leave a comment with your email or contact number… No, we don’t intend to make a profit out of this… Will be selling it at the price we got it for. While stocks (tickets) last.