Always Wanted to Learn Korean in Korea?

Truthfully I don’t expect myself posting anything about Korean in this blog until I finish my part time studies. However, Korean seems to be my current procrastination activity of choice. If you have always wanted to study in Korea, like me, this post is for you!

If I did not take up my studies, I would have taken up the 3 weeks intensive Korean programme in SNU or Ehwa. Since I am unable to and had to even ditch my TOPIK exams, I’m pretty disappointed that my official learning journey ended this way. I’m still trying to learn through immersion by watching dramas, variety shows and listening to music.

Recently I found about about The Cyber University of Korea or CUK in short. They provide structured lessons that I find is similar to normal classes of I were to take them. The best part of it, it’s free.


If I complete the 4 levels, it should equip me for TOPIK 3. As you would imagine, I am excited at this find. I’m addition, I believe that this course is just as good as a course taken in a university, less the vis-a-vis element, because of the course creators.

What made me like this more than other online Korean university classes is the structured learning that is matched to TOPIK, the video lessons, pdf files of the lesson and online test for me to know my standard.

If you are interested to pick up Korean at your own pace, yet follow a syllabus that will be similar to any Korean university, check out Quick Korean now. It’s free and can be accessed even via mobile.

6 responses to “Always Wanted to Learn Korean in Korea?

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I think it will be very useful. I had also been on a long procrastination break. Haha!

  2. Quick Korean is awesome and free. Now even the videos for Level 4 have English subtitles. I really want to review their lessons again.

    • I’ve only watched a handful of videos before trying out the online test. Haha barely scrapped through the rest with 80/100 based on prior knowledge. I think I’ve to review level 1 again.

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