Lotte Duty Free in Myeongdong

Yesterday I met a friend who is working in Seoul (lucky her!). She brought me to Lotte Duty Free and I had a shock of my life. I did not expect the hustling and jostling in an atas (Singlish for high class) shopping mall. I wanted to take a look at a few facial products for my mum and I had to squeeze through to take a look at the display.

According to my friend, Lotte Duty Free is crowded THROUGHOUT the day. I took a few snaps and compared prices. It is exactly the same as the Lotte Duty Free in Incheon Airport. However, I wanted to pack in everything in the luggage and not carry it around in the airport. Hence, I decided to “fight” through the crowd in the main myeongdong outlet. I went at 9.30 am and I found a bunch of people waiting outside Lotte Departmental Store (main store opens at 10am). But don’t be fooled! Don’t wait with them but whiz up to the 9th floor to the Lotte Duty Free area.

Walk to Lotte Star Avenue and take the express lift to the duty free levels 9-11. The cosmetics are located at the 9th floor and some bags/food items at the 11th floor. I was so thankful that at 9.40am it was it as crowded and the salesman at History of Whoo had time to entertain our questions.

On a side note, there was a super rude Sulhwasoo saleslady. Wanted a big commission or something that she refused to answer some simple questions our had and kept recommending only the most expensive item. It wad not as if there was a lot of people… in fact, only my mum and I was at the counter at that time. When she was talking to my mum, I saw a gift pack that I was interested in. I walked towards it and asked the nearest salesman about it. She became aggressive and rude about me asking him about it. She was also rude to my mum and gave us the look… Oh how we felt like slapping her.

In the end we bought from History of Whoo and spent double of what we would have spent at Sulwhasoo! Take that you lousy woman!

Haha sorry for that minor rant, I hate bad service. Okay, my point of the post is… If you want to buy duty free products at Lotte, go early at 9.30am. When I left at 10.30am, there was a queue at the express elevator and it was really crowded. Oh for visa card users, there is a 10% discount! πŸ™‚

Hope this helps and you won’t be suay like me to get such bad service.