Eureka! Korean food blogs!

I am planning a trip to Korea for the 3rd time! After 2 failed attempts at going, I hope it will be a success this year. As a foodie, nothing is worse than going to a tourist trap with mediocre food. Sometimes TripAdvisor ratings are horrible because tourists who have only been to 1 restaurant rave about the food as though they have been to tons of similar ones. I like to surf and read blogs of locals and find out the best hidden find or at least where locals like to eat.

Well, Korean blogs are intimidating even when I am learning. I find it quite difficult to find good local places after WingPan closed down. A similar concept to Yelp and HungryGoWhere. The good news is, I found something else! This is a little different as in It tell you The number of blogs that wrote about a certain restaurant and lists out the blogs. It is so much easier to do research and drool at food pics now.

The only down side, it is almost purely in Korean. You will need to at least know how to copy the hangeul to search for the food place. Do hop by the site Dining Code to take a look of you are planning for your holiday.

Do share good food places with me! I am going in September!


4 responses to “Eureka! Korean food blogs!

    • Nice to see you Chew!!! Haha I’m still a beginner! I’m at beginner 2, term 2 now. In 2 months, I’ll go on to intermediate. Are you still studying Korean? 🙂

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