Homemade 김치 in Singapore!

Yes, it has been a long Hiatus. I am still learning Korean in Sejong and enjoying it! This sem, my 선생님 focused quite a bit on speaking and it’s great since I’m going to Korea soon! Yay!

I recently found an online shop that sells homemade kimchi! I read about it in a Korean’s blog. It was a good sign when the website is in Korean and when I called, the person answered ‘안녕하세요!’. You can order it online (all Korean alert!) or call to order.

찬뽕 is the shop name and they sell more than kimchi. They sell banchan, cooked food and other interesting stuff. They do have a minimum order of $50.

I ordered 4 items and they taste great!
Japanese Cucumber kimchi
Whole Cabbage Kimchi

Also ordered radish kimchi and sesame leaf kimchi that I’ve been look for ages! Verdict, Yums! Will update after it ferments a little more.


8 responses to “Homemade 김치 in Singapore!

  1. Hi!!! I’m Melinda! Really chanced upon your blog and find it really interesting! Can I ask which level are you studying at now for Korean in sejong? Did u take the TOPIK test yet? Really interested to know as I have been studying Korean for almost a year and almost getting nowhere! I’m aiming to take TOPIK beginner too and thinking to switching a new language sch! Any advice?
    Hope to hear from you!

    • Hi Melinda, nice to hear from you! I am in Intermediate Term 1 now in Sejong. I should be taking Topik in October. The format changed and it should be easier now. Which school are you in now? Sejong focuses more on speech and intermediate is really getting tougher.

      • Does sejong prepare you well for topik? Or you still need to self study for it? I’m now studying at Arakorean language school located at bukit timah. This school focuses on speech too but the syllabus has changed and my teacher has stated I can only take Topik next year. I’m thinking of trying out Sg Korean school. Have you tried it before?

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