Video of the month: Smile Again by WINNER

Recently, I can just listen to this song over and over and over again. WINNER is the 2nd boyband that YG produced. They had to go through an arduous survival debut show to be crowned as the winner. Of course their group name is WINNER, simply because they won. They have not debuted but they are currently touring with their hyungs Big Bang. I really love the songs that they have written but Smile Again really captures my heart, especially when I was following the survival show W.I.N. (Who is next) closely. They were team A and lost the battles to their younger counterparts Team B before this song.

The leader is the charismatic Kang Seung Yoon who wrote this particular song with the 2 rappers. Take note, one of the rappers look like a combination of Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang!

I’m such a sucker for groups who write their own songs. Ok I guess I should stop raving about them. Enjoy!


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