My TOPIK resources

As I set my resolution on taking the TOPIK beginner in October next year, I started to look for resources online. I’m glad to announce that there’s so much materials online!  Here are some resources that I’ve found so far (this list is far from exhaustive and I’ll continue to add on whenever I find something noteworthy)

1) TopikGuide website
This website has tons of past papers for all levels. In addition, information, tips and guide for the exam. If I can say, one of the best sites I have found concerning topik.

2) Quizlet
This site and memrise is quite similar. It is a flash card site with ready Korean language sets of flash cards for you to learn from. They have quizzes that you can take to test yourself. Great free resource.

3) Memrise
This is my personal favorite when it comes to flash cards type of sites. Similar to quizlet, they have many ready made modules which you can join. The cool thing is, what you learn starts out as a seed and grows into a plant as you learn and revise. It reminds me of Harvest Moon and I like it. If you don’t study or revise, it withers. They have some science about the number of days needed before you can remember a certain word. Pretty cool! Do check this out.

4) TOPIK one app (Android)
This is a pretty nifty app I found. This app has 2 samples for each topik level. I like the immediate feedback if I got the answers right our wrong. The best part about it, it has a dictionary in the app! While doing the mock test, if you do not know the word, no sweat! Just click on the word and the dictionary will show you the meaning of it, English of course. If you like the app, you could purchase the paid app with much more test papers for you to attempt.

Here’s a sample for you.

Please comment if you find the resources useful or if you have other good resources to share! Thanks!


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