J is picking up Korean again!

“Big Bang, Big Bang, is back again one more time, say no way, no way…”

Haha sorry if you are confused by that. That song just rang in me when I was typing about my Korean comeback! Yes, J is back (almost)! I am finally picking up Korean again, formally. Next week I start lessons again, not at nex but another language school. This time I have a friend studying together with me! (Motivated)

I flunk the placement test of the language school but decided to advance and not back track. Taking the test after studying for 1 hour and considering my Korean haitus for 1.5 years. I thought the score was still relatively ok (48/100). I totally died at the 30? (Or 20?) marks essay section.

The 선생님 advised that I should study the particles. Other than that, my present and past tenses were still some what intact. Vocab was quite a hit and miss. Oh well, target for topik next year! Hope I can finally hit it.


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