AWAD – be happy 행쇼 (colloquial slang)

I’m a recent 무한도전 (infinity challenge) convert. Seriously, I never thought anything could be better than running man. But this show proved me wrong. I watched 1 episode and I was hooked! As a running man addict fan, I would never miss the new episodes posted on Tuesdays. But this Tuesday, I watched 무한도전 and could not stop! I love the humour!!

For the infinity boss episode, Kwon leader (G-Dragon) from Big Bang introduced a new term to the 무한도전 team. That’s 행쇼 (heng sho). 행쇼 is a colloquial short form/slang that means ‘Be happy’.

That’s all for now… pssst… If you want to check out G-Dragon parading in some ridiculously designed underwear. Check out episode 297 and 298. Laughter guaranteed!


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