AWAD – be happy 행쇼 (colloquial slang)

I’m a recent 무한도전 (infinity challenge) convert. Seriously, I never thought anything could be better than running man. But this show proved me wrong. I watched 1 episode and I was hooked! As a running man addict fan, I would never miss the new episodes posted on Tuesdays. But this Tuesday, I watched 무한도전 and could not stop! I love the humour!!

For the infinity boss episode, Kwon leader (G-Dragon) from Big Bang introduced a new term to the 무한도전 team. That’s 행쇼 (heng sho). 행쇼 is a colloquial short form/slang that means ‘Be happy’.

That’s all for now… pssst… If you want to check out G-Dragon parading in some ridiculously designed underwear. Check out episode 297 and 298. Laughter guaranteed!

Snagged! Tickets for gdragon’s concert!

Yay! I managed to get cat 2 tickets for the concert on 29th June. Okay, actually 29th and 30th. My friend snagged the 30th concert tickets and shortly after another friend managed to get tickets for the 29th which is our preferred date.

Hence, we are going to sell our 4 tickets on the 30th. If you are interested in those 4 tickets, please leave a comment with your email or contact number… No, we don’t intend to make a profit out of this… Will be selling it at the price we got it for. While stocks (tickets) last.

My Korean updates

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates. Since my last post, my Korean journey has been (sigh) horrible. So here they are:

1) Korea trip canceled! All thanks to 바보 Kim from you know where.

2) I’m done with my second round of listening to TTMIK level 2.

3) I’ve a new obsession! 빅뱅! And I’m looking forward to June (GD’s solo concert)

4) I made kimbap! 🙂
It tasted much better than expected. I prefer kimbap to Japanese maki now. Maybe even more than sushi.


That’s all for now! Yes, I still owe you all a TOPIK post… Sorry 😦