Domestic flights in South Korea

Finally, I’ve booked the domestic flights for my South Korea trip. For the trip, I found a few airlines where I could booked through their English language reservation website.

I’ve only listed the budget domestic flights. These are the websites and airlines.
1) Air Busan
2) Eastar Jet
3) Jeju Air

Actually, when I was surfing for the flights, Jeju Air was my choice of airline but the booking process was so unfriendly and painful. Even though it was cheaper and the timings were good, I had to ditch Jeju Air for another airline. Here’s the problems I faced:
1) Internet Explorer only for booking. Hello? That’s killing the majority of the Mac population.
2) Install and duh… Ok, so I used a windows laptop instead. During selection, I was asked to install this and that. Fine if it works after installing. But instead, the next button (flight selection page) does not even work. So all that installation crap led to… Duh… nothing.

So moving on from there, I googled and found the other airlines I’ve listed. Since Jin Air was related to Korean Air, I expected a smooth booking process. Boy was I wrong, I could not even find the domestic flights. The selections are for international flights only. Weird.

Noooo… 1 hour of my morning spent. Wasted trying to solve techy issues. Moving on again, I tried Air Busan. And yes! The process was smooth and it allowed me to reserve my seats from Busan to Jeju. Sadly, it does not have Jeju-Gimpo flights.

With this, there was only 2 choices left. 1) Eastar, 2) call Jeju Air and make the booking over the phone.

Fingers crossed, I went to Eastar and there are flights available. I quickly made my reservations. Process was fast but I was unable to select my seats. But at least, booking done.

Overall, Air Busan was the most user friendly to me. As for Jeju Air, I’ve no idea how many customers they have lost through their dated website. Please buck up (You are losing out on your market share due to tech issues, not price or timing).

P.s.: I did not list Jin Air because I can’t even find the domestic flight page.


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