AWAD – bowl 공기 (count word)

Since I booked my trip to Korea, a question was always on my mind. “How do I order 2 bowls of (insert any fav soup/stew I like)?” I shan’t list the food out lest I look like a glutton LOL.

I know how to say… “Please give me 2 kimchi jjigae” in Korean. But something is missing. The count word. Like Mandarin, we have the word ‘wan’ to represent bowl.

With some help from Uncle Google, I found the count word (공기). So here are the sentences.

1) Please give me 2 bowls of Kimchi Jjigae. (native Korean numbers)
김치찌개 두공기 주세요.

Since I can’t think of another sentence I would need using bowl, I’ll form another sentence with servings of food (인분).
2) Please give me 2 servings of samgyeopsal. (sino-Korean numbers)
삼겹살 이인분 주세요.

Extra info:
그릇/공기/접시 food (vessel, bowl, dish)
인분 servings of food (Sino-Korean)
병 bottles of liquid
잔/컵 cups, glasses

P.s.: please use 인분 with care. Its other meaning is faeces. Strange at how opposite it is when used as a count word.


6 responses to “AWAD – bowl 공기 (count word)

  1. Hi, I’m not sure if it will still help but usually when you order in restaurants, you don’t usually use 공기 but you use 개 (個) instead. 개 is the counter word for objects. E,g, 김치찌개 두개 주세요. If you are just ordering one, then it’s fine to use 하나 instead of 한개. To make it simpler, you can even just say 김치찌개 주세요 if you are just getting one for yourself.

    The only time I heard 공기 being used is when you want to order more bowls of rice. E.g. 공기밥 하나 주세요.

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