Hotel Booking Phrasebook

Yes! I booked my hotel! I made an international call to book my room. It was an experience speaking in Korean to a Korean. I realised that there are some phrases that are absolutely crucial. Mine was smatterings of Korean and English. Likewise for the reservation officer on the line. TTMIK saved the say when I forgot the months and days. Almost died making the reservation.

Here are some phrases that are so so important (Do note that it might not be the best of phrases but it worked for me. If you have something better, please share so I can update it.)

1) Can you speak English?
영어 하습니까?

2) I can only speak a little bit of Korean. (Would explain the awkward silence and erm, ah, eh)
저는 한국어를 조금 합니다.

3) Months (Heck… There’s going to be romanisation for this… When you are desperate and on the line, it’s really a lifesaver.) Sino-korean btw.
January: 1월 (i-rwol)
February: 2월 (i-wol)
March: 3월 (sa-mwol)
April: 4 월 (sa-wol)
May: 5 월 (o-wol)
June: 6 월 (yu-kwol)
July: 7 월 (chi-rwol)
August: 8 월 (pa-rwol)
September: 9 월 (gu-wol)
October: 10 월 (sip-wol)
November: 11 월
December: 12 월

4) Days use sino-Korean too. After the days add 일 (il).

5) Number of people and rooms (native Korean).

6) smoking or non-smoking room

7) breakfast or no breakfast

As all of can see, this post is far from complete. I’ll be editing it soon with the other important keywords for hotel booking. In the meantime, if you have a better sentence to replace what I have in this post, please please please leave a comment. 🙂

Till then… Tata!


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