Must succeed

I was just thinking of the languages I know and have learnt. So here’s the journey.

In school, I learnt English and Mandarin. My English is fine but my Mandarin is half bucket’s worth. In Poly, I got really interested in Japanese and I picked it up till beginner 2. I quit because traditional Chinese words came in. No way was I going to master it so I stopped learning. I tried learning by watching anime and I was able to pick out the familiar words when I went to Japan. Then, I decided to pick up a unique language in uni. Sign language. I studied till beginner 2 again before I quit. Reason being, I’ve no one to sign to and I’ve no time to study! With that, I decided that language was not for me.

A few years later, I watched a drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ and fell in love with the story. I started watching it online but the pain was… I was unable to watch it while doing work because I can’t understand the language! So I started my learning journey with classes at NEX till beginner 2 (think it’s cursed… Everything ends after beginner 2) and viola… Here am I today. Interestingly, the motivation to learn the language has evolved. Maybe it’s due to this blog, my profession and the food (haha!), I study because I like the simplicity (yet complex) of hangeul, the vastly different sentence structures, the desire to understand the language and the culture, the love for food and the hope of mastering another language. Hence, after all my language study failures… This is truly 1 I hope to succeed in. Cheers!


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