Korean study mode – ON

Finally! My engine for Korean learning has started again. I watched an episode of my favourite kdrama and listened to some korean songs while looking at the hangul lyrics (가사 – lyrics in Korean sounds a little like ger chi in Mandarin). That inspired me to study again.

Yesterday I was trying to write down the lyrics of the song I was listening to practise my handwriting. I’ve started to listen to TTMIK level 1 again. I forgot quite a lot of the particles usage. I hope by the end of the month I can restart level 2 again.

I realised that language learning is like a long journey. It takes a lot of stamina and motivation to go on this journey and persevere. To those who are on this journey too, 아자 파이팅!


10 responses to “Korean study mode – ON

      • Still trying to prepare for TOPIK, trying to read some articles once in a while and ‘playing’ with Korean friends in some SNS. But I’m concentrating more on Japanese lately because I’m so behind our class. 😦 I’m beginning to enjoy it this time – thanks to Japanese dramas. 🙂

      • Kudos! What a feat to learn 2 languages at 1 time. What Japanese dramas are you watching now? Good Luck and The Queens Classroom are my all time favourites. What is SNS? I’m so backward in terms of technology!

      • I just finished watching Rich Man Poor Woman. I liked it. I also love Kaseifu no Mita and Anego. Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look out for The Queens Classroom and Good Luck. Haha. SNS means Social Networking Sites. 🙂

  1. hey stumbled upon ur blog while searching for Fun Korean lesson trip 🙂
    It’s nice to see that u’re studying korean on your own.
    Yes, it’s true that learning language is like a long journey. I’ve been studying for 2.5years and feels like there’s still so much to learn! keke ^^

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