Twitter word study (PSH)

Today I was just looking through twitter and Park Shin Hye’s short twitter message caught my eye. Tried reading it and I think I caught 70% of what she wanted to express! Boing boing boing! Happy!

The message is 2 days old.
” 날씨가… 정말 추워요… 다들감기 조심하세요!! ”

So here’s the breakdown of the words used:

날씨 means weather (가 – subject)
정말 means really… Interchangeable with 진짜
추워요 means cold… Base vocab word (춥다)
다 means all… 다들 refers to everyone
감기 means cold, influenza. I actually learnt this in my previous twitter word study
조심 means be careful, beware
하 means to do, to have… Base vocab word (하다)
세요 added behind the vocab word means please. In this case, 하세요 means please do.

Now let’s piece it together.

(subject: weather) It’s really cold… Everyone please do beware of influenza. [in my words with the essence intact: Everyone please take care, do not catch a cold.]

Those in my own words are open to correction.


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