TTMIK Book 1 Review

I’m excited by the thought of writing the book review. TTMIK is truly the first place I went to to learn Korean. My first official teacher.

I’m glad the book is not big and bulky and I’ve been carrying it wherever I go. The audio files are loaded in my phone and I can listen to them as I study the book whenever and wherever! Woot!

The book consists of 25 chapters which matches the level 1 podcast exactly. Most of the dialogues are similar to the mini dialogues in harukorean (great! I don’t have to subscribe just to listen to it now!). The cartoons in the book are smashing. Funny yet simple.
At the end of each chapter there are some exercises to do which are quite similar to the online workbook.

On top of that, there are a few blog like articles that introduces and gives a little background to Korea’s culture/places/daily living. These nuggets are informative and enjoyable to read. Unlike other books worn just as big romanisations font size. The font is smaller and of a different colour. Very thoughtful and it makes it easy to just skip it as it’s smaller. Great idea!

But there is 1 issue I have with the book. There is no vocabulary section. This is lacking and if TTMIK wants to sell the book as a complete study guide. Vocabulary must be included to make it complete. Maybe 10-15 new vocab words that could be used for the chapter while forming sentences? It’s pardonable if it’s a podcast but I think for a book… Definite must have. Especially when there are already all the other good components in it. It feels like a 100 piece puzzle with 1 missing piece in the middle.

There are some minor mistakes in spelling but it’s negligible.

Overall, if you are looking for a hardcopy version of the podcast by all means get it. You will love it. However, I’m rather half-hearted at recommending the purchase as an all in guide but I’ll get it personally to support the team. Reason being, the lack of vocabulary which is integral to language learning.

Btw, I pre-ordered the second book and a TTMIK fan. Just giving a frank opinion of it. Please don’t get offended if you are a TTMIK die hard.


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