Sydney Fish Market

Having been to the markets in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, I was really pumped up for the visit to the Sydney fish market.

Getting there was not a problem at all from the rocks. Just need to know where to alight.

We arrived at 9.30 am and there were only a few groups of people eating. Phew… The throngs of tourists had not arrived. There were 3 big outlets in the restaurant area. Cristie’s, Peters and Nicholas.


After the survey, I decided on Nicholas seafood for oysters. They were freshly shucked on the spot, like Christie’s and they seem fresher than Christie’s.


The oysters, I tried Pacific oysters and Sydney rock oysters – Sydney rock oysters truly rocked. Sweet and firm and not too big. I’m quite afraid of eating huge oysters. So the size was great. Oh and I bought a bottle of tabasco sauce to go with the oysters.


salmon sashimi


scampi sashimi

Then we proceeded to Peter’s for some sashimi and grilled lobster. The salmon sashimi did not disappoint as it was fresh. And I tried the scampi sashimi… yummy yum yum. Sweet and reminds me of botan ebi.


Sadly, the grilled lobster was overcooked and dry. Although it is grilled to order, I believe that they grilled a cooked/cold lobster again and it was not an uncooked lobster. Very big disappointment. The bbq octopus was salty and tough.

Hmm, if I have to compare, I think Japan markets are more interesting. If I come back to Sydney Fish Market again, I’ll just stick to sashimi and Sydney rock oysters.

P.s. A lot of families were enjoying cooked food at Christie’s and bbq grill (located next to Christie’s) when I left.

On a Korean note, I brought my TTMIK book 1 along. πŸ™‚


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