My favourite Korean restaurants: Bibigo

I’m sorry I have not posted anything related to Korean studies for quite awhile. Reason being, I’ve not studied Korean recently. *sheepish smile* Hence, I’ve another food post!

Bibigo is a huge franchise by CJ which is aimed at promoting Korean food to the world. Bibigo has a strong focus on bibimbap. With it’s bibigo rice (salad form) and the variety of rice, sauces and meat to go along with it.

My favourite?

1) Bibimbap black rice with beef and kohot sauce. It comes with lettuce to wrap your rice!


2) spicy tofu stew!
So far, this is the best tofu stew I’ve tried in Singapore! Right amount of heat and not overly salty.


3) kalguksu? Or hand cut noodles (hope I’ve spelt it correctly)
I like the texture of the noodles and it comes with scorched rice. Other than having the noodles on its own, I found a more excellent way. Put the noodles into the spicy tofu stew and it’s D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!


4) seafood pancake
Served on a hot plate? with a flame under it. The pancake is unlike the pancakes we have for breakfast. Savoury and filled with ingredients. Goes really well with the dipping sauce.

I usually go to the Raffles City Shopping Centre branch, located at B1. I hope I can do a Korean language post soon!


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