My favourite Korean restaurants: Doong JI Korean Restaurant

I’ve a confession to make. I’ve not been studying Korean after my Korean classes ended. Hence, to be relevant to Korean still, I’ll share my favourite Korean restaurants. I love good food and I really enjoy eating Korean food.

My first Korean restaurant introduction is Doong Ji Korean Restaurant. Seriously, I never had a bad meal in this restaurant before. I eat at Doong Ji once a week and sometimes twice a week. No, this is not a paid review nor do I own this restaurant if you are wondering or sceptical of this review.

I’m sorry I do not have pictures of the food but I shall recommend you my favourites.

1) seafood steamboat – $40 but sufficient for 3 to 4 people. Usually, we should add additional rice cake or ramen if 4 people are eating it. It has 1 flower? crab, prawns, octopus (tons of it), vegetables, ramen and rice cake. I can eat till the end but still dig out octopus… That’s how much they have in it.

2) ginseng chicken soup – can’t remember the price but sufficient for 2 if you are not a big eater. I love the soup and you can ask for soup refill!

3) spicy beef soup – ingredient filled pot of soup. Lovely with a bowl of rice.

4) BBQ pork with kimchi – my dad eats this without fail whenever we go there. Served with lettuce wrap.

5) dumpling soup with rice cake – I love rice cake and this is a non spicy dish. The dumplings are delicious and the skin used is soft and silky.

Do try it out!

Address: 222 East coast road, Singapore 428919


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