My favourite Korean restaurants: Doong JI Korean Restaurant

I’ve a confession to make. I’ve not been studying Korean after my Korean classes ended. Hence, to be relevant to Korean still, I’ll share my favourite Korean restaurants. I love good food and I really enjoy eating Korean food.

My first Korean restaurant introduction is Doong Ji Korean Restaurant. Seriously, I never had a bad meal in this restaurant before. I eat at Doong Ji once a week and sometimes twice a week. No, this is not a paid review nor do I own this restaurant if you are wondering or sceptical of this review.

I’m sorry I do not have pictures of the food but I shall recommend you my favourites.

1) seafood steamboat – $40 but sufficient for 3 to 4 people. Usually, we should add additional rice cake or ramen if 4 people are eating it. It has 1 flower? crab, prawns, octopus (tons of it), vegetables, ramen and rice cake. I can eat till the end but still dig out octopus… That’s how much they have in it.

2) ginseng chicken soup – can’t remember the price but sufficient for 2 if you are not a big eater. I love the soup and you can ask for soup refill!

3) spicy beef soup – ingredient filled pot of soup. Lovely with a bowl of rice.

4) BBQ pork with kimchi – my dad eats this without fail whenever we go there. Served with lettuce wrap.

5) dumpling soup with rice cake – I love rice cake and this is a non spicy dish. The dumplings are delicious and the skin used is soft and silky.

Do try it out!

Address: 222 East coast road, Singapore 428919

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Yesterday I heard a rumour that our founding PM passed away. I’m so glad the rumour was untrue. He did so much for Singapore and developed it to where it is now. I’m so grateful and he is truly a good minister. The crowd at NDP gave him a standing ovation and he more than deserves it.

I’m so happy that he gets to enjoy another year at the NDP. πŸ™‚

Man of the hour: PSY

If you have been following the K-pop, you would have heard of PSY. His latest song took the world (yes, not Korea only but the world) by storm.

Support has been pouring in from artists like T-Pain, Josh Groban and Robbie Williams. And amazingly, CNN, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal. Even Bieber wants to collaborate with him now. Wow! How cool is that!

He topped the charts for 19 days. Of he could just hold on to the #1 for 10 more days, it would have been THE song for the summer!

Take a look at the video and try to spot the Korean artists featured in the video. The obvious ones would be Mr Grasshopper, Yoo Jae Suk and Hong Chul. Enjoy the video!

Video of the month: Fantastic Baby by Big Bang

Yes, it’s the video of the month time! I know it’s only the first week of August but I really want to share this song. Truthfully I’m not into Korean dance groups. I like to look for talented bands instead. Hence, I’ve enjoyed songs from CNBlue and FT Island.

My only link to Big Bang was Daesung in Family Outing and when they took part in running man. About 2 weeks ago, I was curious about the songs Big Bang sang. The first song I listened to was Monster. It was not bad so I started to google about the members in Big Bang. I’m so surprised that the members are all so talented especially G Dragon!

Back to YouTube googling, I found Fantastic Baby. Listened to it once and I was hooked! It was catchy and some parts of the song really attracted me.

1) G Dragon’s look at the beginning of the song. Wow!
2) TOP’s rap
3) Taeyang and Daesung’s duet? When Daesung hit the highs.

To make thing even better, TTMIK posted a lesson based on the song! Check it out!