Fun Korean Lesson Trip 2012

Have you considered studying Korean in Korea in one of the universities eg. Yonsei, Sogang?
I did.

Are you working and you don’t have much leave or time?
That’s me… I don’t think my boss would let me study in Korea for 3 Weeks.

If you are in the same situation as me, it’s time to cheer! Korea Tourism Organisation has collaborated with Kyung Hee university to come up with a Fun Korean Lesson Trip.


Fun Korean Lesson Trip

It’s a 1 week trip. 5 days of study with Kyung Hee and you get to home stay with a Korean family. It’s a superb plan for the working adults or students on a budget too! I’m seriously considering the winter classes. I’m excited!

Update: please give me a shout if you are going for the trip too! I should be going for the November trip.


16 responses to “Fun Korean Lesson Trip 2012

  1. Hii!! I am planning to go there for the December one.
    The weather would be absolutely wonderful.
    I am yet to book the tickets though πŸ˜›
    Going to South Korea has been my dream ^_^

  2. hi.. i will be going for the Nov one… we might be in the same class…^^ i have booked my flight ticket and yet to bank in the money to the travel agent…. do u think this travel agent reliable?

  3. I’m thinking about signing up for this for the year 2013, summer course. How did it go for you & did you have fun? ^^

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