I had my last Korean lesson with NUS extension this week. As the school is moving, I will be unable to continue with my lessons due to the distance and work.

Anyway, due to work, I had to skip many lessons. So I’m without the cert now. It does not matter if I get it. But it is a pity to pay for lessons but unable to attend it.

I’m still determined to take the KLPT but I might have to take the beginner KLPT instead (anyone knows if it is easier to pass? Or it is similar to level 1 KLPT? Any recommendations?)

After taking lessons, I think that it is good for learners (esp busy working adults) to at least take some basic classes before self-studying. It really helps for the pronunciation part. But I must say, ttmik did an awesome job preparing me for the classes I took.

Now it’s up to me to prepare and learn. I hope I can! 파이팅!


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