Korean Phrasebook – General

To prepare for my Seoul trip, I’m going to collate the useful general phrases in this post. This would be a working document and new phrases would be added in whenever I come across one.

안녕하세요. (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo)

Thank you.
감사합니다. (gam-sa-ham-i-da)

You’re welcome.
아니에요. (a-ni-e-yo)

Excuse me.
저기요. (jeo-gi-yo)

I see.
알았어요. [al-at-eo-yo]

Please give me a discount.
좀 깎아 주세요. [jom kkakk-a ju-se-yo]


2 responses to “Korean Phrasebook – General

  1. Nice blog 😉 i just wanted to point a few things out, although it is a few months ago
    Your’re welcome is 천만에요, although 아니에요 could be used instead, and kinda is colloquially. 아니에요 ‘s real meaning is saying ‘its not/no’ in a polite way. But in korean uhhh, how should i say it, social standards? One usually says ‘its not/no’ when replying to ‘thanks’ or other praises. In english, its quite strange and could be perceived as denying it rudely, but in koran and im sure other traditional eastern standards, its a way of being humble. Although not the direct translation, its more like ‘its nothing’ of a context. But nowadays both ways are fine,
    In saying 감사합니다 or 아니에요. Btw, 천만에요 should be only used to reply ‘thanks’ and not other praises. Whew for the long post ㅇ. ㅇ

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