Eureka moment! Double final consonant decoded!

Finally I understand how to read hangeul that has 2 final consonants (e.g. 읷). I was pretty baffled since I started picking up Korean in December last year.

My classes at NEX requires us to study for spelling. We were also required to memorise,가나다라마바사아자차카타파하 in order. I was kinda irritated and was thinking, “Hey I know the sounds and how to write it. Isn’t it enough?” Well, I was wrong. Before I continue explaining why I was wrong, let me give all you readers a short quiz. How would your read the following?

1) 앖 – read as 압 or 앗?

2) 얽 – read as 얼 or 억?

3) 읺 – read as 인 or 잏?

* drum roll * It should be read as 압, 억 and 인. Guesswork? Nah. We would read the consonant that comes first in this 가나다라마바사아자차카타파하 order. Yes, reading it in order is important after all. ^^


4 responses to “Eureka moment! Double final consonant decoded!

  1. Wow! I never knew this! I am always very baffled by this and all those sound shifts are making me very confused (especially when I am doing self studying on a not so regular basis)!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my!! Thankyou very much for this info!! I’ve been trying to understand which final consonant to pronounce for the past few days, and now I FINALLY understand!! ( >w<)b Thankyou so much, J!!

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