TGIF! I’m really inspired after reading the various strategies other Korean learners use to learn (mentioned in Currently I’m picking up Korean through my Korean classes, TTMIK, twitter word study and my vocab lists.

I’m going to include the following strategies in my learning.

1) learning through variety shows – I’ll do so with my favourite “1 Night, 2 Days”.

2) learning through drama comics
I’ve a confession to make. I bought the ‘You are beautiful’ comic series after reading Shanna’s blog. I’ve not gone past the first chapter due to my weak hangeul reading. But now I’ve no excuse after my 3rd Korean lesson. I’ve to kick start my reading again.

3) active sentence pattern acquisition
This strategy mention in the blog seems pretty interesting and I’m going to give it a try. It would help in speaking which is essential because I should going to Korea in December! For more details on this strategy, watch this video:


10 responses to “Inspired

  1. The “active sentence pattern acquisition” method seems like a good way to learn! But I’m not sure if I can take watching the same video again and again, I’ll probably get bored of it even if it’s my favourite drama >.<

    • That’s true but I think it would be good when I’m stoning in the mrt or bus. At least I’m learning something on the move.

      • I understand…. I can listen to some songs I like everyday on repeat mode. Even TTMIK, 3rd to 4th time listening to level 2.

  2. glad you are liking the site! πŸ˜€ there’s still a lot to work on for it and im excited about the content that we will come up with soon.

    when i first bought the drama comic, i didnt use it too. i probably started using it 1 year later. γ…‹γ…‹ it has something to do with the way i study. I am stronger in the more formal domains and i can understand the 9 o’clock kbs news better than variety shows :/ γ…‹γ…‹ so it took me quite long to understand the casual language in those comic books xD

    but it’s an awesome resource. hope u have fun learning!

    • I’m not sure how long it would take me to read the comic. Even if I can read, I don’t understand it. Guess naver dictionary will be my friend for a long time. I read your post on slangs, where do you find the definitions of the slangs used?

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