Short forms with 이/그/저

From many places where we can pick up Korean, I’ve always seen 이/그/저 used as 이것/그것/저것. When I heard that there were short forms, I was pretty pumped because it might make things easier when I translate twitter messages. Since colloquial is usually used.

이것이 (this thing + subject marker) = 이게
그것이 (that thing + subject marker) = 그게
저것이 (that thing over there + subject marker) = 저게

Hope this will be useful for learners!

Korean Phrasebook – General

To prepare for my Seoul trip, I’m going to collate the useful general phrases in this post. This would be a working document and new phrases would be added in whenever I come across one.

안녕하세요. (an-nyeong-ha-se-yo)

Thank you.
감사합니다. (gam-sa-ham-i-da)

You’re welcome.
아니에요. (a-ni-e-yo)

Excuse me.
저기요. (jeo-gi-yo)

I see.
알았어요. [al-at-eo-yo]

Please give me a discount.
좀 깎아 주세요. [jom kkakk-a ju-se-yo]