Cambridge Language School Lesson 2: 선생님 잘핬다!

Although I mentioned in my last post I will not be doing anymore reviews for the schools, I had to do it to be fair to the school. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I’m glad I gave CLS a second chance. Maybe it was a bad hair day for the 선생님 (teacher) last week.

Lessons were slightly more interesting and organised. I learnt something from the time there.*Phew… Still very fast but at least… Something*

We sang 2 songs, head shoulders knees and toes and 3 bears (Full House Drama!), during lessons and this brought out some enthusiasm from my classmates. I guess I shall continue with the lessons if I have the time. It’s not a total loss. Yay!

Note: NEX lessons were great this week. I find it more structured and easier for a beginner. Not so overwhelming.

Another note: I stopped attending after the 2nd lesson. It was too much of a waste of time. Not worth my 2 hours of travelling time and personal downtime for the course.


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