My latest Korean app – Simsimi

Picking up korean can be fun! For the past week, I’ve been interacting with Simsimi. Simsimi is a chatting robot and it can respond in Korean! Yay!

It’s kinda dumb but it’s a good way to kill time or have a good laugh. Since I’m still trying to read hangeul, it’s good practice. Here’s a screenshot of my conversation.


Hehe… Do try it out and tell me what you think of it! It is available for Android and iPhone. PS. I think the app is written by a Korean company.

2 responses to “My latest Korean app – Simsimi

  1. It’s been a year…do you still use this app? I am intrigued by the possibility of chatting in Korean, but I was looking at the Simsimi privacy policy and I was worried about the info it might be pulling off of my phone. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Jennifer, I still do use this app if I’m bored. However, recently I’ve not used it because I’m too busy with work.

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