NEX vs Cambridge Language School Basic Korean Lesson 1 Review

I can’t resist saying this… Pay peanuts get monkeys.

I’m only going to do 1 comparison between both schools… They need to eat and feed their staff so I shall be nice. Just 1 review and as objective as I can. Make your own conclusions.

1.  Cost (10 lessons)
NEX – $400 + $50 (textbook and workbook from Kyung Hee University)
CLS – $99 (groupon) + $20 (textbook)

2. Textbook
NEX – a famous university textbook and workbook plus 2 CDs… Used for basic 1-3. Equivalent to $16.67 per level.
CLS – according to the teacher the 44 pages book was written long ago with errors that are not fixed (incorrect romanisation). To think that they sent an email to say that the price of the textbook will be increased by 50% from $20 to $30 this year. Remember to bring your receipt when you collect the book, they actually asked a student who forgot to bring the book to pay for the book again (disclaimer: I’m not sure if she had to pay for it in the end)

3. Location
NEX – Park Mall
CLS – Peninsula Plaza

4. Admin
NEX – smooth and painless
CLS – check my previous post

5. Class Size
NEX – 25 people in groups of 5.
CLS – about 50 people… 4 rows and sitting in pairs.

6. Lesson proper

NEX – The teacher introduced herself, gave an introduction on Korea and hangeul and asked us why we wanted to learn Korean.
CLS – The teacher introduced herself and mentioned a few dramas and groups.

NEX -very structured. The teacher revised each and every vowel and consonant variation. After we learnt the vowels ㅓㅕㅏㅑㅗㅛㅜㅠㅡㅣand consonants ㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇㅈ, she introduced new words (using alphabets taught) to us in a bite-sized manner with pictures to help us remember. Of course we had to do the exercises in the workbook. She ensured that we were writing the alphabets and strokes correctly by forming the letters in the air.

Once that was done, she taught us how to say hello, good bye, thank you and sorry.

The lessons were not intimidating.

CLS – OTOT… Own time, own target was what the teacher was doing. She went thru the sounds of the vowels ㅓㅕㅏㅑㅗㅛㅜㅠㅡㅣ and consonantsㄱㄴㄷㄹㅁㅂㅅㅇㅈㅎㅊㅍ twice. With a few examples of forming hangeul, she expected us to know how to make up the sounds of the hangeul words. Err it’s a beginner class with people with NO experience.

Then, she moved on to teaching us how to ask and answer the following questions:
– What is your name?
– What is your occupation?
– What is your hobby?

She was really fast here and expected us to answer in Korean before she even taught us to answer in Korean. She was writing the words in the board and how could she expect us to read when compound vowels were involved?

She went on to explain subject marking particles and object making particles. Actually she did not really explain… I was lost together with most of my class, she was explaining in Korean and some English. (I could understand 90% TTMIK level 1 dialogue. If you want a gauge of my standard…)

She did not really follow the textbook, which is quite impossible for self study – no English explanations, and the notes under lesson one was untouched. I don’t remember her teaching us how to say hello and good bye.

NEX – we played a group game and had group spelling. The teacher
showed us a few videos on hangeul too.
CLS – no group activities

NEX – the teacher assigned homework and showed us the click Korean website. There will be spelling every week!
CLS – class just ended.

Dilemma… (If you can guess what I’m thinking about)

Edit: correction… Not increase the CLS textbook price to $50 but by 50%. Sorry!

14 responses to “NEX vs Cambridge Language School Basic Korean Lesson 1 Review

  1. I’d say, quit the class? ㅠㅠ That’s just unbelievable! Well, following your blog, it’s been quite bad from the get go, right? Sorry you had to go through all that. ㅠㅠ

    • Gosh, you guessed what I was thinking of. $120 is not a whole lot but it’s still money. But at the same time, I don’t want to waste my time and get confused in the process. I should stop impulse buying from groupon. ㅠㅠ Thanks for following my blog, appreciate it.

  2. Must we be of a certain age to join NEX?
    And do u know If there are actually groupon deals for NEX?
    Thanks for your comparison 🙂 it helped alot 😉

    • Hi Stella, I’m glad it helped! I don’t think there is an age limit but most are above 18 years old. Actually, majority are working adults. NEX is an extension of NUS. So definitely no groupon vouchers for that.

  3. Hi J, thank you for this wonderful comparison review. Do you know what is the url or the contact no of NEX? Cause their nus link seems to have moved or changed…

    • Wow, thanks for popping by! I hope NEX can hold its lessons in town again. It would definitely be more convenient for working adults and those living in the East and North.

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