Showing Frustration in Korean by TalkToMeInKorean

Don’t you just love TalkToMeInKorean? The teachers are cool and funny. The lessons provided are concise and helpful for anyone learning Korean. Enough of fangirling. This review I contains colloquial phrases that are used everyday in Korea and are often heard in k-dramas.

아이씨! [a-i-ssi]
– Aiyah!
– Shucks!
Used when something goes wrong or doesn’t go as planned

미치겠다! [mi-chi-get-da]
– (lit.) This is driving me crazy.
Used when you are upset over something, are stuck in a situation or don’t know what to do

어떡하지? [eo-tteo-ha-ji?]
– (lit.) What should I do?
Used when you wonder what you should do next to deal with the situation

짜쯩 나. [jja-jeung na]
– You’re annoying me.
– I’m frustrated.
Used when you feel upset and angry about something or someone

답답해. [dap-da-pae]
– I’m feeling frustrated.
– I’m feeling depressed.
Used when things are not working out in your favour and you don’t see much progress
– It’s stuffy!
Used when you are in a stuffy room without proper ventilation

큰 일 났다! [keun il nat-da]
– (lit.) A big problem had occurred!
– (lit.) I’m in big trouble.
Used when something bad happened, usually by mistake, and you know that someone will be in trouble

By the way, Happy Valentine’s Day if you celebrate it! ^^


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