Yes! In Korean by TalkToMeInKorean

I could not stop watching the videos by TTMIK just now. The videos that teach how to say Yes! in Korean. Please watch it! I’m going to give a summary of what I’ve learnt here.

좋아요! [ju-ha-yo!]
– Yes!
– Yay!
– I’m all for it!
– Sounds good!

네? [ne?]
– Yes?
– Pardon me?
– Did you say something?
– What did you say?

그래서요? [geu-rae-seo-yo?]
– Yes…?
– And…?
– So…?
– So what?
Obligatory replies when you are uninterested or busy.

당연하죠! [dang-yeon-ha-jyo!]
– Yes!
– Sure!
– Of course!
– Sure thing!

그렇죠 [geu-reot-chyo]
– Yes, that’s right.
– Yes, of course that’s right.
– Sure! Why ask?
– Isn’t it obvious?

아싸!!! [a-ssa]
– Yes!!!
– Yay!!!
– Awesome!
– Sweet!


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