Groupon (Cambridge Language School) Basic Korean Class Admin – EPIC FAIL

In December, I bought a groupon voucher for 10 lessons of basic Korean with Cambridge language school. It is the first time I seriously regretted buying a voucher.

The management of the school is in shambles. They sold more vouchers than they should and have no way of managing the intake.

I tried emailing in Jan… 2 times in 2 weeks since I did not receive any confirmation for the class (which was suppose to come in Jan) from them after I went down to pay for the text book. No response. I was so afraid that the school closed down or something. I called umpteen times and when I finally got them. Guess what, they told me the wrong class timing. With tons of schedule changes on my part, I manage to free my mondays for classes. It was suppose to start last week but when I called them to double confirm on the day itself, they said the teacher was not in Singapore. What!!? Can you imagine if I did not call? Wasted trip! No news throughout the week and I called today. The lessons are postponed again. If I did not call, it would have been a wasted trip too!

I decided to buy the voucher because I thought it would give me a headstart during my lull period before I start my NEX lessons and the groupon lessons should have ended before I start my NEX lessons if the groupon class started in December! Sigh! Now both classes would start at the same time with my crazy work schedule. RIP to me.

I do not like to be negative here but its too much. This is purely my personal opinion and rant: Please do not get the 10 lessons class from Groupon – Cambridge language school and save yourself from some pain and hassle. Till now (3rd month), they can’t cope!

I hope the teacher is better than the admin! Rant end.


42 responses to “Groupon (Cambridge Language School) Basic Korean Class Admin – EPIC FAIL

    • Yes! I did a google before I bought the groupon voucher because the past reviews were ok. No wonder in the past 2 years no one brought up Cambridge language school as one of the choices. I hope the teacher is better than the admin staff!

  1. so you managed to get a class? I attended the class and the teacher is not professional. I email to school asking for refund and was rejected. I am seeking case for this. Maybe we can file together.

    • Hi, I attended the first 2 classes then stopped. I tried to get a refund before I attended the classes because the admin sucked. Like you, case was rejected. Now, I don’t want to go through the hassle of getting my money back. As for my remaining classes, I’ll go when I’m not too tired although I really don’t learn from it. OTL

      • There is Cedric who is interested to go to CASE. Maybe if we can find a few more people, we could make a case.

      • Which Cedric? Do you have his email so that we can all file the case together? We can share the admin fee as well.

  2. I feel you! I tried to get a refund for the course and textbooks coz their admin ain’t responsive at all! I wanted to log a case to SCT but I find this a hassle for a mere $100+ but it’s money. I never even attended a single class, coz they were always coming up with excuses how the Korean teacher will be away, not enough enrollment, blah blah. By then my Groupon would have expired!! I sense some conspiracy here loh.

    • Exactly! It’s $120 for me because I bought the book full of errors. I’m not sure if it is worth the effort to go to CASE. But it’s still money! They are selling their French and German language course at groupon now. I hope they will not experience what we have experienced.

      • OMG! Full of errors, what nerves! I think it’s not worth my time to go CASE but I would still like my $$ back.. sighs. These people should be shot.

  3. I got the exact same problem. I didn’t attend their lessons, made a big fuss. Cambridge said they’ll refund me the textbook but till now, I still haven’t got my money back. Practically calling them every other day. As for the course fee, they supposedly “emailed” groupon to give me a refund and I’ve not heard anything since.

  4. Hey guys! I managed to get a response from both Cambridge & Groupon. Despite the voucher being redeemed/utilized, it is still possible to get your refund back! Please send your request for a refund to and copy This Edwin Chan is the CEO of Cambridge Language School and will aid you in getting your money back. The refund of the textbooks can only be done via the school. All the best guys, and don’t give up!

  5. Hi I also bought a groupon for their French class in May and I encounter similar misfortune. I am intending to lodge a case against them in CASE. is anyone doing so already? I dont mind joining in to bring down this wretched scam of a school

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I can’t believe it! After such a booboo with the Korean class, they actually dare to repeat the groupon saga again. What is groupon doing also!?

      • Exactly! I think groupon plays a part in it too. They just push the blame entirely to the school, claiming that they are just a middle man. In my opinion, they should ensure the accountability of the companies they mediate for before offering groupons to the public. People buy groupons because most believe in the credibility of groupon and the companies that they advertise for. By supporting companies that do not deliver the reasonable services or products, it shows how low groupon has stooped to.

      • Yes, agreed! I’m sure they have received many complains about the school. They should have prevented the school from offering anymore groupon vouchers.

  6. I bought 2 vouchers through Groupon in March 2012 for 10 German lessons and Cambridge line seem to be suspended with telecom announcement. When I send to Groupon to ask for refund, they kept asking for email proof for course cancellation inorder to refund. In the first place, I did not sign up so there will be no confirmation of course. The worse is in March when I called in cambridge to enquire, the guy asked for the vouchers number and provided me with the course date. He mentioned that textbook has to purchase before they could enrol me but I did not proceed at that time but still gave him the vouchers number Now Groupon mentioned the 2 vouchers have been redeemed! I am totally speechless and sent out final email to Groupon and this Edwin Chan (Thanks to his site). Groupon is not helpful at all!!!

    If there is no reply from them by this week, I will file all evidences to CASE.

  7. In the end, I didn’t report CLS to CASE coz you need to join as a member before they’ll take your action. Which is kinda stupid coz the membership and effort and everything else, is just worth it loh… I suggest you write to Edwin! Or call the school after 6:30pm. If you reach him, you’ll be able to get a refund! Good luck people!


  9. i bought a groupon for german class and it took them 8 months to start the class. I got it because of lull period whereby i can learn something new before my post-grad classes starts (now it clashes with my schedules). the way the management manage the school is way beyond words. The place used to conduct classes is so small and cramp. I only attended 1 lesson which is the 3rd lesson and i was pretty fortunate that i didnt pay extra $30 and got the notes for free (since i was a newly joined student without notes, the teacher passed me his extra copy since no adminstrator was at the counter).From what i see, the notes can be easily purchased in bookstores. Although i paid $99 for 10 lessons, i decided to stop attending after 1 lesson. The things the teacher taught were straight forward things that you can get from any german books on retail shelf. just that there is someone native to explain to you why it is phrase in this way and not that way. i gave up trying to get a refund after chasing non stop for it and it exhausts me for just a mere $99. I just take it as a donation and never to get anything from groupon and cambridge language school ever again.extremely bad experience.

  10. Just attend from the local community centers. The teachers there are just as good and fees are way way subsidized. Once you have the foundation, you can then consider attending classes privately. Just my 2 cents worth. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi dear..may I know when did u contact the Cambridge language school?? I went to the peninsula pla but can’t find them.try to contact them but still they don’t want to mention their new address. In case u know their new address.maybe can help me, by giving me their new address.thank u.^.^

  12. omg they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn horribble! i waited to attend thier lesson since last december. til now, I haven’t started any.. i paid for a topped up even! goshh!

    • I feel your pain. I did a top up too. I hope you will get to attend the classes. Groupon should really do something about it.

      • I feel like making a police report while this is keep repeating and about this school immediately after I read your post and all comments above. the school shouldn’t exist. After all those waiting and hang up from them, it is torturing! I already sent an email to edwin for a full refund, i will wait what is he going to reply me.

      • I hope you will get your refund. I did not get mine. I can’t believe they still exist too. Groupon needs to take some responsibility for this mess too!! After do many complains, they are not doing anything to stop it.

  13. Wish Ive seen these posts earlier, bought 10 French lessons off groupon and facing the same difficulties as you guys – unanswered calls and rejected emails for 2 weeks.
    Ive emailed groupon for a refund but they seem to be avoiding it.
    “We truly apologize that you had a hard time trying to get a hold of them. We understand that this deal has won its popularity and normally a lot of customers are calling in to inquire and make appointments within the first 2 weeks after the deal is featured.
    I can assure you though that the merchant is doing its best to answer all queries and requests on a timely manner and no problem has been signaled with the business so it is still definitely in operation.”

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