Addressing people (아/야)

Finally, I understand why sometimes ah and ya are used after a person’s name. (thanks to my Korean friend)

It is used between friends and it is definitely informal. It could also be used when speaking to someone who is younger (children, student, niece, nephew and etc.)

야 [ya] is used for names without a final consonant.

For example:
홍기야 – Hong Ki ya
신혜야 – Shin Hye ya
If you watch 1 night 2 days, you would recognise SEUNG GI YA!

아 [ah] is used for names with a final consonant.

For example:
근석아 – Keun Suk ah
하늘아 – Ha Neul ah

Edit: added in some extra information.

Amused… Singapore (defined by Daum)

Today I wanted to learn how to say Singapore in Korean. Hence, I did a search in Daum Online Dictionary. Singapore is 싱가포르 (Sing-ga-po-reu) in Korean.

I found the sample sentences given to be pretty interesting and it gives me an idea of what Koreans know and think of Singapore. Check out the sentences below.

Eight-hundred students in Singapore had no food on June 17, 2006.
Students in Singapore Starve for 30 hours 30시간 단식을 한 싱가포르 학생들 2006년 6월 17일, 800명의 싱가포르 학생들은 음식을 먹지 않았다.
Singapore is famous for its cleanliness.
Japan Helps Singapore Clean its Toilets 싱가포르의 화장실 청소를 돕기 위해 출동한 일본 싱가포르는 청결함으로 유명하다.
Operator, could you connect me to the Raffles in Singapore?
Norah Jones’ Asian tour kicks off on Feb. 27 in Singapore.
노라 존스의 아시아 투어는 싱가포르에서 2월 27일 시작한다.
Most of the players in the S-League are from the city state of Singapore.
S-League의 대부분 선수들은 싱가포르 도시 국가 출신이다.
Singapore has the world’s first night zoo, the Night Safari.
싱가포르는 세계 최초의 야간 동물원, 나이트사파리가 있습니다.
The symbol of Singapore is the Merlion, which is a half-fish and half-lion animal.
싱가포르의 상징은 머라이언상인데, 그것은 반은 물고기, 반은 사자입니다.
On August 14, the first Youth Olympics were held in Singapore.
8월 14일, 제 1회 청소년 올림픽이 싱가포르에서 열렸습니다.
The government thinks clean toilets will make Singapore a better place.
정부는 깨끗한 화장실이 싱가포르를 더 좋은 곳으로 만들 것이라고 생각한다.

So from the sentences above, this is what Koreans will know about Singapore:-
1) Singapore is clean.
2) Students starved in 2006.. (lol… Why was this selected? It is such a rare occurrence… Children is Singapore are really well fed… Just to correct any misconceptions.)
3) We have the world’s first Night Safari.
4) The Merlion
5) The first Youth Olympic Games was held in Singapore
6) Clean toilets

Singapore offers much more than what is listed! Do check out the tourism website. As much as I hope to study/work/travel/live in Korea, I’m glad to be living in Singapore.

Language Course Expectations

On the way home from school, I heard an interesting conversation. This student is probably a beginner picking up Korean.

Why do we need to learn to write in Korean? All I need to know is how to speak in the language. Learning to write is unnecessary.

This student’s friends were nodding in agreement. Personally I was taken aback. I was pondering over the statement and I came to a 1-word conclusion: expectations.

I think the different reasons for picking up Korean and goals set for learning would determine the expectations from the class and how hardworking a person would be when learning. Some of the common reasons for picking up Korean:
– kdrama (that’s mine! Watch without subs)
– kpop
– work

I am a goal-oriented person and I find that with an observable goal attached to learning would make it more productive as I’m working towards something. My goal is KLPT level 2 so when I attend classes I make an extra effort to learn and listen more attentively. Knowing the requirements for KLPT, I’m putting in the hours (I try!) to remember the new words and log my learning in my blog.

With my goal in mind, I have the expectations of picking up reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in class. Maybe this is the reason I was frustrated when I could not pick up what I wanted to learn in the first lesson with CLS.

Hmm… back to the student. Don’t you think it feels kinda incomplete to learn to speak without learning the write and read?