KLPT Level 1 Evaluation Standard

Taken from the KLPT website

Level 1 (Total Scores of KLPT: 200~245)
Dialog Situation & Topics
Color, animals, dishes, fruits, sports, transportation, name of body, shopping, simple question to find a way, simple expression related to quantity, ordering at restaurant, instruction of location

1000 words (verbs/adjectives, determiners/adverbs, nouns and other basic words)

Fundamental ending in respect of mood and tenses, numbers, qualitative adjectives/basic unit nouns, basic conjunctions, indicative determiners or pronouns, negatives

Reference Text
A variety of information signs in airport and station, bus, public buildings/buildings), menu, air ticket, subway map, telephone book

Activity Level
Possible to make simple expression and give an answer to question

1000 words! Wow! I going to start with colours and numbers. Currently I’m pretty ok with sino-Korean numbers but native Korean numbers are killing me… Hana, deu, set, net… That’s all I remember. Tips for vocab learning, anyone?


2 responses to “KLPT Level 1 Evaluation Standard

  1. I didn’t take KLPT, but i did take TOPIK beginner, and i think they are pretty much the same, in terms of coverage, perhaps. I didn’t have problems with vocabs since i’ve been in the beginner stage for god knows how long already by the time i took topik.
    What I did?
    – i read a lot. i read dialogues on my textbooks, i read news about my idol. i read posts of fans on various fansites. doesn’t matter whether i understand everything or not. i just read. read. read.
    – i do have a wordlist (it worked – as far as passing the exam is concerned. it didn’t work because i’ve forgotten almost half of what i ‘just’ memorized from the list
    – if wordlist/flashcards doesn’t work for you, find different ways. wordlist don’t work for everyone
    – since you are a beginner, why not label things around you with it’s korean written in post-its. i saw some people do that. i didn’t have to do it, but it might work for you.
    – for numbers, maybe put a small poster with the pure korean 1-10 somewhere where you can read it anytime. just keep reading it over and over and you’ll get used to it. then try practicing by reading any numbers you see. when you want to check the time, after looking at your watch, instead of just thinking, Oh it’s Five-fifteen already, why not think of it in Korean, oh it’s 다섯 시 십오 분. I usually practice with time, calendar, and reading off phone numbers on billboards and plate numbers of cars on my way to school.

    Good luck to your KLPT. I’m preparing for TOPIK intermediate this year.

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