Learning Hangeul Alphabets

I’m not sure when do other Korean learners start learning the hangeul alphabets. As for me, I started learning it after TTMIK level 1 lesson 10. There were a few resources I found useful and I hope to share them.

1. TalkToMeInKorean (TTMIK – lessons – Learn Hangeul)
Currently there are only 2 parts but there are more to come… Soon.
2. BusyAtom‘s YouTube
I was stuck after the 2 part lesson from TTMIK and I was glad to stumble upon BusyAtom’s YouTube guide. It is pretty comprehensive. Thumbs up!
3. Click Korean
I wish I knew about this site earlier. The first 2 lessons teaches Hangeul. It is structured and it has audio files of the various sounds. There is also a cultural link for each lesson. If I could turn back time, this might be the site I would use for my alphabet acquisition.

Hangeul can be picked up pretty quickly but mastering it would definitely take time. I hope the links would help cut down the resource search time for hangeul learners.


2 responses to “Learning Hangeul Alphabets

  1. 안녕하세요!
    I just found your blog and wanted to say hello ^^. I am trying to learn Korean as well and I didn’t know about the 2nd and 3rd website so i will check them out. Thank you :).
    Bookmarked and following!

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