My Korean Journey… The Beginning

Hello World!

This is the first post for my blog so I guess I should make it significant… At least myself! πŸ™‚ I hope to record down my Korean learning journey as I start my Korean classes at NEX (in a few weeks time). It has been about a month since I’ve started learning from Currently, I’m at Level 2 Lesson 16.

I decided to pick up Korean because I enjoy watching Korean dramas (in Korean, not Chinese) and dislike reading the subtitles I can’t focus on my work because I’ve to read the subtitles. In addition, I hope to go to Seoul in December! Yay! It would be soooo coool if I could speak in Korean when I’m there.

I hope picking up Korean would be an enriching experience and a source of entertainment and relief. That’s all for now folks!


4 responses to “My Korean Journey… The Beginning

  1. Hi there!^^ I just stumbled upon your page today and just had to leave a comment by seeing your first post because I wrote my first post yesterday too lol

    Best of luck with your studies!

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