KLPT Level 1 Evaluation Standard

Taken from the KLPT website

Level 1 (Total Scores of KLPT: 200~245)
Dialog Situation & Topics
Color, animals, dishes, fruits, sports, transportation, name of body, shopping, simple question to find a way, simple expression related to quantity, ordering at restaurant, instruction of location

1000 words (verbs/adjectives, determiners/adverbs, nouns and other basic words)

Fundamental ending in respect of mood and tenses, numbers, qualitative adjectives/basic unit nouns, basic conjunctions, indicative determiners or pronouns, negatives

Reference Text
A variety of information signs in airport and station, bus, public buildings/buildings), menu, air ticket, subway map, telephone book

Activity Level
Possible to make simple expression and give an answer to question

1000 words! Wow! I going to start with colours and numbers. Currently I’m pretty ok with sino-Korean numbers but native Korean numbers are killing me… Hana, deu, set, net… That’s all I remember. Tips for vocab learning, anyone?

Shooting for KLPT

When I was in secondary school, my friend gave me a card with a small bottle of stars. She wrote the words ‘Shoot for the stars and if you fail, at least you fall amongst the clouds.’ in the card. This sentence was pretty inspirational to me and it taught me to aim high and have goals.

Since I’ve started picking up Korean in December, I had a goal in mind. Take KLPT in October and attain level 2. My inspiration for this goal is Shanna from Hangukdrama. It is a tough goal to reach but hey, I’ll try. I’m not a vocab list person but at the moment I find my vocab to be limiting my learning.

In my next few posts, I’ll be posting some vocab based on themes tested in the KLPT level 1 (first). At least I can study on the move.

Oh by the way, this is a moblog.

Korean Typing Game

Picking up Korean has been pretty fun so far. I splurged on Korean keyboard stickers and I’m on my way to typing in Korean (in snail’s pace).  Hence to increase my typing speed, I asked Uncle Google for help. He led me to Hanok Korean Class’s blog that introduced a really cool game by Daum. It’s a kids game but it is really fun. I’ve been playing it for 2 days and I can recognise most of the alphabet’s positions now!


There are 3 games that allow you to practice typing in alphabets, words and sentences. I’m not sure if it is a Mac problem but I can’t get the words typing practice to work properly.

Hopefully I can type without looking at the keyboard in a month’s time.Argh, I need to stop playing the game and start working!

Top 10 Korean Food You Have to Try

The title of TTMIK’s link (Top 10 Korean  Foods You Have to Try) captured my attention. Being a foodie, it was a clarion’s call. Sadly, I’ve only tried 6 out of the 10 items listed. I’m tempted to cook the porridge… It looks so comforting.

The 10 listed foods are:
1) Kimchi (duh! King of Korean food!)
2) Bibimbap
3) Bulgogi
4) Japchae (stir fried veg)
5) Yangnyeom Tongdak (fried chicken)
6) Hoeddeok (sweet syrupy pancake)
7) Dakjuk (chicken porridge)
8) Ddukbokki
9) Seolleongtang (ox bone soup)
10) Soondubu Jiggae (soft tofu stew)

Except 4-7, I’ve tried the rest. What have you tried so far?